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For importers who come to YiWu & Guangzhou frequently or intend to come recently

1. Where are you based?

We are based in 3 cities in china, YiWu,Shaoxing and Guangzhou

2. How to set up the business relationship with SPEEDY FLYING?

Send us emails or communicate with us on Skyp(Our skype ID: speedyflying-hk), Our sales will reply you within 24 hours.We may sign a contract to start our cooperations.

3. Do you arrange the trip before we come to China?

Yes, we may issue IV letter and arrange Pick-up from airport upon your arrival ,even hotels .

4. How to buy from YiWu or Guangzhou?

You may come to yiwu or guangzhou yourself and purchase from markets or factories under assistance of our skillful sales.

5. Do you have your own hotel in yiwu?

Yes, indeed, we have a 4-star hotel near to the Futian market where favorite by many clients.
The name is :Omeiga Legend Hotel.you may search it easily from BOOKING.COM. Hotels offer lowest prices for clients from Speedyflying group.

6. If any defect of qualities or delivery , will you claim or compensate to us?

We will 100% compensate to clients if the fault is coming from our part.And help to solve any problems for clients.

7. Tell me the founder of SpeedyFlying and the operating team?

The name of our Founder is :Roger XIA ,who ever worked in government owned trading company before create SPEEDY FLYING, He speaks fluently 3 languages (English ,French and Spanish) except Chinese, He set up and kept improving the service standard of carefulness and delicate in trading & agency field which gained a worldwide reputations, He pays more attention to these medium scales importers or chain stores who intend expanding their business in their countries. 

The whole SpeedyFlying team is divided by 5 depart.
 1) Marketing depart. For sales and serve clients,
 2)Purchase depart. For seeking the right products or prices ,deal with suppliers or factories,
 3)Products depart. For developing suppliers database, the products lines,
 4)Logisitic depart.  For arranging sea,air and domestic transport. Custom &Docs declarations,
 5)Designing depart. For designing products ,package and presentations
 6)Administrative depart. For HR, Finance support
90% of stuffs are bachelor degree or above, their average age is 26, well-trained and full of passion and hard-working to create a ever brilliant future and life together.

8. What make SPEEDY FLYING differs from other trading group?

The wide vision , service team and speical care to clients

9. Why you charge 3%-5% as commission not 1% as other agent in YiWu?

No free bread in the world, We are open and honest to charge clients a certain rate for surviving of the group and pay enough to stuffs to enable them spending more time and more attention to clients’ request and details of orders.
The difference of results is obvious to see!

10. Can SPEEDY FLYING design or re-pack our products ?

Yes, we have our own designing studio, they are back-grounded European & Modern culture and art.  Good at products-design,package and display design.

11. Why you’d better work with SPEEDYFLYING rather than deal with direct factory?

1ST, Quality of service. There are a certain qualities of service that the solo direct factory couldn’t offer such as
1)Multi languages communication in English,French, Spanish,Russian etc.,
2)Punctual response on line or by email ,any of request from client will be replied Within 24hours.
3)Service of  After-sales.
4)Service of artworks-designing and re-package
5)Delicate travel arrangement & whole journey accompanies

When client dealing directly with one factory , there is only one options.  But working with SPEEDY FLYING, You are taking use of all advantages of supplying channels,There will be always favorable prices provided when having more choices.

3rd,Complains and Legal problem
A single factory will never be easily responsible for their mistake,When you have SpeedyFlying, you have full legal support in china, we will sign the purchase contract under verification of our company lawyers.We have been prosecuted some factories each year to protect the benefits of clients.

12. Why SpeedyFlying is called best partner for Supermarkets or chainstores  importers?

We worked for supermarkets & Chain stores since 10 years ago,we have accumulated abundant resources and experiences during the cooperations with Carrefour\Jumbo\Leader prices\Dollar tree.Our team have been trained and divided by food, household,promotional products,dollars products. 

13. Can SPEEDY FLYING design or re-pack our products ?

Yes, we have our own designing studio, they are back-grounded European & Modern culture and art.  Good at products-design,package and display design.

14. How many types of products that SPEEDYFLYING specialized on ?

In general We are familiar all general products,Our main dealing products are listed as below:
1) House ware, Kitchenware
2) Festival decor such as Easter , Christmas, Halloween & Mother’s day decorations.
3) Fashion accessories such as Jewelry ,Scarfs,watches,lady Shoes& bags
4) Bags & suitcases
5) Flower & Presents packages
6) Outdoor equipment
7) Hardware & electrical products
8) Textile & fabrics
9) Stationery & Toys
10) Hotels supplies including bedsheet,table fabrics ,linen, kitchen,events decorations and articles  etc.
11) Apparel & accessories 

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